Total number of Abstracts
Karen Bosy
home is where the heart is, a continuing series of works
Chang Gao
Augmented Reality Interface ++ Erotic Poetics
Hengzhi Gong
A Delay of Meaning
Sohaila Baluch
Sprigged: A Million Little Cuts
Sharon Young
Hysterical Chorus, Vienna
Hannah Clarkson
Autoimmune Animations: Intimacies of Care and Constraint
Yu Xiao
Beyond the Painting’s Identity via Underbelly
Clara Palmberger-Suesse
Notes on spilt milk
Kam Rehal
Collaborative Mark-Making and Conversation
Yunqi Peng
Graphic Designer Unchained: empowering freedom of interpretation through nomadic alternative art publishing
Jinya Zhao
Encounters with blown glass: light and glass
Colin Polwarth
An environmental approach to connected autonomous renewable energy vehicles, associated semiotics and the synthetically intelligent city
Ling Cai
Virtual Collaborative Experience (VCE): an experimental method for designing research questions in the context of a study of VCE
Nick Bell
A hyper-proximal, participatory placemaking strategy infrastructured by a cross-community network of institutions evolving protections for shared concerns.
Damien Roach
Central London (part 1)
Total number of Abstracts
Nick Bell
Design for everyday pleasure: nurturing a social commons
Nick Bell
Sandbox play number 4
Kirsty Smith
Skateboarding’s Situated Sounds
Nick Bell
Sandbox play number 6
Nick Bell
Sandbox play number 7
Larissa Nowicki
In the Event of Making: Uncovering Alternative Modes of Communication in the Work of Anni Albers
Amina Abbas-Nazari
Speculative listening
Claire van Rhyn
Communicating Change: Social systems transitions through body-led & awareness-based Participative Social Design
Kam Rehal
Collaborative mark-making conversations within allotment communities: durational acts for sharing socio-spatial encounters in growing spaces
Karen Bosy
vault, a continuing series of video and photographic works
Wenbo Ai
Using participatory design and co-creation to develop a new educational paradigm for dental health education promotion
Kirsty Smith
Unobservable spaces
Charlotte Lengersdorf
Towards an uncausal practice of visual communication
Amina Abbas-Nazari
Multiphonic Connections
Trent Kim
Lumia, Void Axis and Un-site
Carl W. Jones
Can the advertising process be decolonised in order to remove racist messaging? A work in progress.
Carl W. Jones
Decolonising advertising
Karen Bosy, Sharon Young
What do you think about when you think about skies?