Vol. 1, Issue 1: pilot
23 February 2021

This pilot issue presents a call for ‘mini-abstracts’ as research fragments. These contain diverging conceptions of the ways in which our social and physical being in the world may be subjectively understood and addressed. While there are obvious connecting threads and shared keywords, in moving between projects using different media and disciplines the viewer becomes implicated in meaning making. This benefit of the generative process is a value of both academic publishing and interdisciplinary research that itinerant space hopes to promote in this pilot and subsequent issues.

itinerant space is a new experimental platform pushing at the boundaries of academic publishing and supporting research practice. It opens possibilities for discourse and play between different forms of practice both through keywords and by developing dedicated formats supporting text, image and time-based media. In addition, the platform carries an application, called sandbox, which enables authors to make journal contributions by placing images, texts, video and sound works together in meaningful relationships. This pilot issue was developed during the beta phase of the site. While our aim is to widen our calls in subsequent issues to include submissions from other sources, contributions to the pilot are from the PGR community within the School of Communication, Royal College of Art.  

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