Towards an uncausal practice of visual communication
Charlotte Lengersdorf
Project overview —

This practice-based PhD investigates an approach to visual communication practice that is in antithesis to the predominant Western principles of rationality, determination and duality. Its departure point is the disintegration of semantics and writing in asemic writing. Practice-based work is centred around interactive and playful computer interfaces and the practice of coding. The neologism of uncausality allows for an assemblage of practice, theory and methodology that explores aspects of nonsense, the unknown and the undetermined in their relationship to thought and action. Freed from the confines of their specific discipline they become part of the larger effort of this research to introduce a terminology that escapes fixed categories and tradition. This research ultimately aims to consider visual communication practice as intertwined with constantly shifting social, technological and cultural processes.


I am a visual communicator, researcher and lecturer born in Germany and based in London. I specialise in type design, interactivity and critical theory with specific emphasis on the nonsensical, undetermined and unknown. I hold a BA from Peter Behrens School of Arts in Düsseldorf and an MA from the Royal College of Art in London. I am currently a PhD candidate in the School of Communication at the Royal College of Art, funded by the German Academic Scholarship Foundation.

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