Unobservable spaces
Kirsty Smith

Right: The typographic contours of

concrete are home to the residue of

skateboarders. The marks they

leave behind are the traces

of adaption, the unobservable

aesthetics lost within the fragments of

disused pools, parking lots, canyons, storm

dams, blocks, rails, and stairs.

The stains become the undetectable

illustration of skateboarding’s legacy,

where architecture becomes a playground

and where cultural markings thrives.

Reflecting on the participatory practises,

visual heritage, and the ethnography of

space, this work focus on the collaborative

human experience of the skateboarder

with the materiality of the

playground, from the visible

to the unseen.

How can documentary as method

enhance the richness of practise research, creating new knowledge?

What knowledge can be generated and communicated through the approaches of documentary as method?