Speculative listening
Amina Abbas-Nazari
Project overview —

How do we want to be heard by technology? How can technology allow us to be heard and listen in different ways? How does what we hear shape the way we understand the world and each other?

From the stethoscope to satellites, technology allows us to experience sounds of the world not normally audible to us. Furthermore, rapidly developing AI technology has enabled machine listening that can now interpret us and our interactions via our voices and other sonic information.

These themes were explored during an interactive telephone experience, between 18th to the 21st June 2020, as part of Empathy Loading: a project exploring empathetic relationships between humans and networked non-humans. Displayed are a handful of responses from participant callers.


Amina is: a designer…but not really a designer. A singer…but not really a singer. An artist…but not really an artist.