Hysterical Chorus, Vienna
Sharon Young


Could not

See things clearly

A squint

Double vision

Severe visual disturbance

Seraphic harps

Azure skies

I complained of a deep darkness

inside my head

Tears trickled

Tears of a heart wounded by life

Flaming wings

Carrying me away

Carrying me away in their arms

Enveloped with warm air

Rid me of all suffering

He felt it between his fingers

He did not hurry

Rekindling my sadness

I complained of a deep darkness inside my head

I strained with imbecile persistence

To fix my attention

My lungs heaved as if they would burst

Of becoming deaf and blind

And of having two selves

Softly spoken words

Echoed and re-echoed

Gentle speeches


Tears tricked onto the pillow

I pulled buttons off the linen and bedclothes

I could not see things clearly


I strained

I hallucinated

Disorganised speech

Not finding words and then losing all grammatical structure

Piecing together four or five languages

Of becoming two selves

I strained 

I hallucinated

Separate states of consciousness

Tears trickled

I hallucinated

But with an effort I conquered the spasm

She conquered the spasm

See things clearly

Fall to the ground unconscious

Into a period of somnambulism

I hallucinate


Not being able to think

Followed by a stupor lasting for days

Gentle speeches

Tremble with rage



Tears trickled


Ecstatic transports

Incursions of grace

Faster larger

Into your hands

Suspected love

Pulsating there


A powerful force

Flesh relieved 

My whole being dissolved in love

My head fell back


Ecstatic transports


Rays dazzling halos

My head fell back